The Intelligence Behind Rights Management & Audience Analytics
A web-based, multi-country TV audience analytics platform combining TAM data with cross-market identification and global research, ITVR services program-level data in over 70 markets around the world. Our subscription-driven service adds value to your audience data investment by delivering enhanced meta-data analysis to optimize your research, marketing, business development and sales operations.


A turnkey research solution featuring over 20 active reporting templates with easy-to-use criteria selection and customizable features like Product Groups, Channel Groups and Demographic Groups for simplified and standardized reporting throughout the system.
ITVR is user-friendly USER-FRIENDLY
Designed with an intuitive interface and easy-to-use features like Smart Text prompting, multiple-level filters, automatic refresh and data identification Progress Dashboard, ITVR reports are viewable in HTML and exportable to Excel® and PDF®.
Enhances raw TAM data by transforming it into useable information. An internal program classification mapping system enables standardized analysis of data from multiple sources, enabling multi-market research from a single platform instead of individual local market systems.
Subscription includes extensive market translation services and research support, with behind-the-scenes identification and tagging of millions of foreign-language telecasts to the product database which includes meta-data coding for distributor and production companies.
Optimizes research efforts with automatic calculations, including program rankings across demographics, percentage changes over lead-in/lead-out, time slot benchmarks and distributor breakdowns by broadcast minutes. Instant graphs make presentation creation easy.
ITVR is a web-based application accessible from anywhere in the world. With just an internet connection and a web-browser, you can view Program Rankings, Time Period Competition and Distributor performance within minutes.
The most competitively priced TV Research system on the market, ITVR combines software and program identification into a single service. With a fully hosted product database, free support, upgrades and maintenance, no installation or infrastructure investment is required.

System Features
Standardized Program Analysis
Multiple Data Sources Standardized
Rankings by Channel, Genre, Distributor
Telecast Ratings and Program Averages
Distributor and Production coding
Customizable Groups
Time Slot Performance and Trending
Automatic calculations vs. benchmarks
Episode Tracking and Run Status coding
Global Format performance
Top Genres by Market
Runs Tracking on Licenses
Search by local broadcast title
Customizable graphs and channel schedules
Advertising revenue analysis
View in HTML, Export to Excel® and PDF®
ITVR is available on all platforms
ITVR works on all platforms
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